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Book- Malibou Lake- Centennial Cookbook

Book- Malibou Lake- Centennial Cookbook

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Everyone knows Malibou Lake loves its parties. And with parties come lots of delicious food and drink.

Many of the recipes in this book have been enjoyed at holiday gatherings, concerts on the lake and picnics in the park. Some are old favorites, some new discoveries. Some are from the cookbook created in 2008 by The Malibou Lake chapter of "Dining for Women".

Some members still live here and some have passed-on, but their recipes will live in our hearts and bellies for a long time to come.

When you're looking for something to make for the next pot luck, Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day picnics, there are wonderful options included within these pages.  

What's the best thing to wash down June Peterson's breaded rattlesnake, Earl's killer baby back ribs or Tafat's spicy Moroccan fish? Why not try Jason's "the Dredge" cocktail, Shannon's Sugarloaf Limoncello or a Wiki Waki Woo - the party drink of the lake in the 2000s.

An adventure for your tastebuds awaits!

Luisa Millicent's wonderful paintings are on the cover and dividers of this limited edition, 3-ring binder cookbook. Order yours today.

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